Blydevallei Citrus
& Mango Farming

We value quality

We take pride in our farms and the management of each to ensure a fully functional system operating like a well-oiled machine. Blydevallei owns 8 production units in the Hoedspruit area, each with a variety of citrus and mangoes produced in its orchards. We believe in the phrase “As you sow, so shall you reap“; therefore, we ensure that our trees are of top quality and our teams working in the orchards are trained to care with precision.

Our farms are our pride and joy, and a visit to one of them will testify the time and energy dedicated to each orchard to deliver top quality to international markets.

Our Achievements

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Hectare Mangoes
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Cartons Produced

Pierre Malherbe

Operations Manager - Blydevallei

Erick Pako

Farm Manager - Farm Driehoek

Ulmar McSeveney

Farm Manager - Farm Antioch

Douglas Vorster

Farm Manager - Farm Moriah

Juan Miller

Juan Muller

Farm Manager - Farm Grovedale & Matuma

Frans Roelofse

Security Manager

Juan Miller

Farm Grovedale & Matuma

Security on Farms

Farm Antioch

Farm Moriah


Farm Driehoek