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Blydevallei is situated deep in the heart of Hoedspruit, with warm weather and breath-taking views of the Northern Drakensberg.

Owner, Dr. Pieter Scholtz has been farming since 1993 and during these 25 years, the farm has grown from a one-man operation to a full-scale business farming citrus, mangoes and exotic game. The business has two packhouses and an in-house workshop that is responsible for all technical, electrical and welding work on the farm.

Our Story

Out of Hoedspruit’s deep brown soil, the first sign of blooming appears. A small white flower makes its way up towards the light blue sky. This, the commence of Blydevallei. In October 1993, Blydevallei bloomed out of the mind of Pieter Scholtz with a taste for citrus and a passion for farming.

As food production is essential for a sustainable world, our goal is to produce healthy and quality fruit produce for the South African, European, Asian, Middle Eastern and soon the North American markets. Blydevallei provides a full circle solution to the client, supplying them with mangoes, oranges, lemons and grapefruit. We strive towards high quality and exceptional service; therefore, our team is carefully picked to deliver top quality produce in international markets.

Our People

At Blydevallei the people who work and live on the farms form the heartbeat of all our operations. It is only because of their commitment, expertise, and teamwork that we are able to bring our various quality products to the global market.

Blydevallei News

Hoedspruit Hub

Through high-quality sector-appropriate and customised training that develops people, as well as investments in local communities and economies through skills development that support livelihood strategies, the Hub works to increase the resilience of the farming community in which it is situated.

Selebi Phikwe

SPC is the first and biggest horticulture and citrus project ever undertaken in Botswana.

It aims to deliver quality fruit from the heart of Africa, whilst having a positive social and environmental impact on the communities in which the fruit is produced.