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Our Story

Three commercial farms in Hoedspruit (Blydevallei Boerdery, Landman Group, and Bavaria Fruit Estates) registered an agricultural training centre, called the Hoedspruit Hub in December 2016. As a social enterprise, the Hub endeavours to maximise positive environmental and social impacts alongside profit for its stakeholders. Through high-quality sector-appropriate and customised training that develops people, as well as investments in local communities and economies through skills development that support livelihood strategies, the Hub works to increase the resilience of the farming community in which it is situated.

The company is unique as a training centre because it operates as a social enterprise and takes an enriched training approach by using additional teaching and learning aids that make learning fun. With both GIZ (German Technical Corporation) and Flanders State of the Art (through the IDC) funding the start-up phase of the Hoedspruit Hub, it has already built a creditable service-orientated reputation since its inception. The centre has Agri SETA accreditation, awaiting DHET registration and has created a design and development process that is ISO 9001:2015 certified, to custom-make training courses to solve the training and development problems of their clients and beneficiaries.

By the end of 2018, the Hoedspruit Hub has trained:



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Youth (under 25)