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The end of 2022

Once again, we are at the end of a season, and what a season it has been. The citrus industry faced a lot of challenges this year. We had heavy price increases, the floods in Durban, China going into a covid lockdown, grapefruit market crashing, over shipment of grapefruit and under shipment of Valencia to Europe, a shortage of trucks, a new Europe steri protocol and problems with Phyto’s on arrival to Europe.

But we made it through and can once again say we look forward to the next season. Hoping that 2023 only holds positive outcomes for the industry.

Blydevallei had a very good production season. We packed just under 1 million cartons of citrus at Canyon Pakkers and estimate a bigger yield next season. Grapefruits surprised us with yielding +- 50 000 cartons more than anticipated.

On the other hand, the Valencia’s, mainly the seedless Valencia’s, didn’t produce volumes as expected, and this was mainly due to big fruit. Our peak sizes were 56/48/64.

With the year almost at its end, we are already starting to plan on our next mango and citrus season, anticipating a good year, with good volumes and great quality.

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