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Packing all Produce in a productive day

A day in the life of Gert

Gert, he is the packhouse manager for Canyon Pakkers and has been working for Blydevallei for more than 20 years. He is goal driven and ensures that canyon pakkers reaches their goal of tonnage allocated to be packed, every day. His day starts with a quick meeting with his team, to guarantee everyone has the plan for the day ahead. This ensures that no mistakes are made during the day.

Once everyone is aware of what is expected of them for the day, he takes a walk through the packhouse and ensures that the grader is grading correctly, according to the instruction that they receive from Marketing. Canyon Pakkers packs many different grades, each according to the program’s specifications.

Administration also plays a role in Gert’s daily duties, answering calls and mails, doing reports, making truck bookings, monitoring the pallet ages on the floor on Paltrack and ordering cartons needed for each program that will be packed.

At almost day end, he confirms the volumes sent out to the juice bin, so that he can arrange with the juice factories to collect the fruit, he also discusses the loading plan for the day with the logistics manager to ensure all pallets are loaded.

Finally, he follows up with his team on how the day went and they determine where challenges arose. So that he can ensure that when tomorrow comes, they are already ready with a solution to the challenges from yesterday.

Gert ensures that Canyon pakkers provides the best possible service to the producers and that he is always ready should a problem strike.

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