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The planting of the seed

After 2 years of working in his own Veterinary Practice in the Eastern Suburbs of Pretoria, Dr. Pieter Scholtz decided he had enough of the city life and began his search for a farm in the Hoedspruit area. In August 1993 he sold his practice and a month later, he found a farm called Driekhoek for sale. He made a deal with the owner, Oom Pottie, to help with finance and bought his first farm.

Pieter had the idea of planting sweet potatoes and exporting it to various markets but required a steady income in order to get his dream off the ground, so he operated a veterinary practice from his farm.  In 1994, he began expanding his business to planting potatoes, butternut’s, tomatoes and gem squash. He set up his own mango tree nursery and planted his first citrus trees,  diversifying his business. Over the next few years, Pieter purchased all the adjacent land as it came onto the market to gradually expand his business with a specific focus on growing vegetables and expanding his citrus farming.

In April 2012, Pieter purchased Mariepskop Estate – the second largest mango farm in South Africa – from Westfalia. As part of the transaction, he bought 50% shares in Bavaria Packers, consisting of a mango drying plant and a citrus and mango pack house.

Currently, Blydevallei produces 5000 tons of mangoes and 800 0000 cartons of lemons, oranges and grapefruit. This fruit is sent to international destinations across the globe, including the UK, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Middle East, Russia and the Baltics states.

His passion for wildlife never faded throughout the years, and in 2001 Blydevallei Game Breeders was established. The company is currently breeding with disease-free Buffalo, Nyalas and exotic game including Roan, Sable and Red Duiker.

Pieter is a partner in Brakrivier Bavaria, a 4500 ha game farm in the Musina area, and together with 2 partners developed Massingir Safaries LDA. An 8000 ha game farm in Mozambique and the first official game farm bordering the Limpopo Transfrontier Park.

Pieter did not let his entrepreneur skills keep him to farming. In 2005, he established Southern Spirit Properties, a property development company, and completed several projects along the years, including residential and commercial developments.

The Blydevallei Timeline


The Beginning of Blydevallei

Pieter Scholtz sold his veterinary practice and bought a farm in Hoedspruit


Game Breeders

Breeding of top quality genetics including: Buffalo, Nyalas, Tsessebes, Sables, Blue Duikers and Red Duikers


Southern Spirit Properties

Development of commercial and residential properties in South Africa and Mozambique


Company Growth

Purchase of Mariepskop Estate – the second largest mango farm in South Africa



Purchase in conjunction with ANB Investments, Bavaria Fruit Estate from German businessman Mr. Thiele


25 Years of Excellence

25 years producing top quality produce for an international market


24 Project Hoedspruit Kids

Got involved in a charitable therapy program called 24 Project Hoedspruit. Leading child-life professionals offering Child Therapy and Counseling to children in need


Selebi Phikwe Citrus

Launched the development of a 1,500-hectare flagship horticultural project in Botswana. Phase 1 will be 800-hectare citrus & a packhouse, and Phase 2 will be 400-hectare citrus


Greefa Pre-Sort

Canyon Packers installed their new Greefa Pre-Sort machine