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Hoedspruit Hub Bursary Fund

The purpose of the Hoedspruit Hub Bursary Fund is to provide funding for talented but disadvantaged learners, primarily from the Hoedspruit area, to attend Lowveld Academy from Grade 7 to Grade 12 to develop their various talents maximally. The combined household income of the parents or caretakers of beneficiaries must be less than R10 000.00 per month. Currently, there are 16 bursary holders which will hopefully grow to 20 in 2019 and 25 in 2010. Contributors to the bursary fund are Blydevallei, Bavaria, Landman Vars Produkte, Komti Fruit Group, ArnoVision, IDC and the Citrus Academy.

What are the main objectives of Hoedspruit Hub Bursary Fund?

A sound and well-rounded education is an important element in providing learners with the foundation to make good decisions for their own well-being and grow into responsible future citizens who can positively contribute to the development of South Africa. All South Africans will benefit from such a scenario. The trust fund will provide for school fees, school uniform, hostel accommodation and opportunities for continuous remedial, support and enrichment programmes.



Application forms are available on the first Monday in August from Hoedspruit Hub. The top 10 applicants are selected on the grounds of their application, based on their performance in their respective primary school second term (Grade 7) academic results. Performance and potential in English and Mathematics were of the most important criteria in the assessment of the applicants.


These applicants are invited to the Hub on the first Monday in October, where they are assessed in terms of their potential to perform in Mathematics and English. These assessments, together with their results in other tests, are taken into consideration to compile a final shortlist of high potential applicants. Through this process commitment, motivation and perseverance were also assessed. These factors are crucial for success and were often ignored in previous programmes providing these types of opportunities.


A shortlist of applicants was compiled, and the final bursary holders selected.