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Fruit attraction 2023

The South African fruit industry is mainly focused on exports, with fresh fruit exported from South Africa being around 35% of the agriculture industry. South Africa is the second largest citrus exporting country, where Spain is the biggest citrus exporter, and every year around October, the two countries get to meet face to face. 

Fruit attraction in Madrid is an amazing event, where potential customers, in the agriculture sector of fresh fruit and vegetables, and suppliers get together to discuss strategy. This is also a place to identify shortfalls and possible solutions. The Blydevallei Team was able to go this year to meet up with our receivers to discuss the past 2023 season and the future 2024 season. 

We had a great time in Madrid, had good meetings and met up with close receivers (that we now call friends). Looking forward to a great season waiting for us in 2024.

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