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We are Blydevallei

“The life cycle of citrus trees begins with a seed”

Out of Hoedspruit’s deep brown soil, the first sign of blooming appears. A small white flower makes its way up towards the light blue sky. This, the commence of Blydevallei. In October 1993, Blydevallei bloomed out of the mind of Pieter Scholtz with a taste for citrus and a passion for farming.

As food production is essential for a sustainable world, our goal is to produce healthy and quality fruit produce for the South African, European, Asian, Middle Eastern and soon the North American markets. Blydevallei provides a full circle solution to the client, supplying them with mangoes, oranges, lemons and grapefruit. We strive towards high quality and exceptional service; therefore, our team is carefully picked to deliver top quality produce in international markets.

Blydevallei has its own fruit packing facility, Canyon Packers, and is a shareholder in Bavaria Packers (BBI Packers). Canyon Packers is situated on farm Driehoek, just over 30km from Hoedspruit town. The Packhouse uses the latest technology and follows the health and safety regulations to ensure the safety of our employees. The packing facility forms part of a very important process, getting the fruit from the fields into the hands of the consumer.

With the blessings we have received during our 27 years of being in business, we made it our mission to give back to the town and community. Blydevallei established a community school project that awards promising students full school bursaries as we believe everyone has the right to receive quality education. We are also shareholders in the agriculture training facility called the Hoedspruit Hub; which offers high quality and customised training in the development of skills that support livelihood strategies.

Our History


Blydevallei strives to add value to all the role players that form part of our diversified agricultural business. In achieving this, growth and profits are optimised to secure a sustainable business and lasting food supply for current stakeholders and future generations.


Blydevallei optimises and rewards the scares resources availability in the agricultural environment by:

  • – Employing and rewarding the right people
  • – Sound financial management is the base of our business
  • – Applying good agriculture practice in harmony with nature
  • – Keep in touch with the latest technology
  • – Constant diversification is part of our daily strategic management to retain a competitive edge


Blydevallei is built on strong, honest business ethics and values. Long-term strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers are the cornerstone of our business as we live by the motto “make sure you don’t promise a client something that you cannot deliver”.


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